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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

Anacan Glory Bea
Photos are not in any particular order. New ones will be added as I find more I think you'll like.

Bea, October 2006 [Tibetan Spaniel, 'Garth', in background]
'Bea', October 2006 with Tibetan Spaniel, 'Garth' in background
Baby Bea & Keffy
Baby Bea & Keffy, Oct '06
Bea Feb '07
Bea, Feb '07
Naomi & Bea - Apr 09
Anacan Akilah('Naomi') & 'Bea' at the CDC of the UK show Apr09.
Bea in labour.
Bea in labour.
Bea & 2-day old puppies
Bea & 2-day old puppies, 29th Nov 09

Last Updated on the 5th December 2009

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