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Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom 2010 Open Show Report

The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom held its 10th annual single-breed open show on Sunday 11th April.  The venue, Stanground Community Centre, is excellent and the weather was lovely-- always a bonus -- slightly cool but sunny.  There were 23 dogs entered with 34 entries.  The judge was Mrs Vanessa Williams-Wegmann, who judged the breed at Crufts 2005. She was also a competitor on the March 28th broadcast of the popular show "Come Dine With Me". This caused our caterers to be a bit worried as to whether their fare would meet with her standards, but it turned out that they had no reason for concern as they provided the judge, steward and show secretary with a wonderful meal – 10 points all around.  Kudos to Simon Demetriou and Manuela Herrera for the great sustenance and libations they provided for the exhibitors and spectators as well. The atmosphere was friendly and the ring steward, Mrs Pearl Chadwick, commented on how nice everyone was and how lovely that everyone clapped for each placement, right down to VHC. The results follow:

Anacan Ziggy, age 14 Best Dog, Best Veteran and Best of Opposite Sex to Best In Show was ANACAN ZIGGY – AGE 14 years this June - (Gvir Me Shaar Hagai At Anacan ex Minto's Libyan Jewel), breeder: Ellen Minto, owners: Richard & Ellen Minto
Anacan Future Legend Reserve Best Dog was ANACAN FUTURE LEGEND (Sheleg Harishon At Danehaven ex Anacan Glory Bound), breeder: Ellen Minto, owner: Julie Hughes
Anacan Sheer Elegance Best Bitch and Best In Show was ANACAN SHEER ELEGANCE (Anacan Masterpiece ex Anacan Whole Lotta Class), breeder: Ellen Minto, owners: Christine (Goldspink) Powley & Ellen Minto. "Ellie" was also BB at this year's Crufts.
Anacan Sheeza Gem
Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best In Show was ANACAN SHEEZ THE ONE (Anacan Ziggy ex Anacan Sheez The One), breeder/owner Ellen Minto
Kessem Yanis Orly To Khandikhaine Best Puppy In Show was KESSEM YANIS ORLY TO KHANDIKHAINE (Melech Adom Me Shaar Hagai For Lorianna, Imp Isr ex Lorianna Magical Star With Nosregor), breeder: Mr J G Rogerson, owner: Richard Crowfoot & Nishma Shukla. Though the only puppy entered, the judge felt he was a worthy winner.
This will probably be the last time that Richard and I exhibit our Ziggy, but we feel that it's important that people see the older Canaans as we Canaan owners are always bragging how the breed is generally long-lived and healthy.  What better way to prove it than taking them out to the club show!  There were a few families in attendance who had come, at my invitation, to meet Canaans for the first time in view of possibly getting one, and they got to meet the 9 veterans there -- the youngest being 9 years right on up to Ziggy, who was the oldest. They also got to meet a couple of puppies who were entered NFC (not for competition) so they saw both ends of the spectrum, age-wise, as well as a number of dogs whose ages were somewhere in-between. Of course, there was an impressive raffle table and our Show Secretary, Pat Selby, went home with an armful of prizes, but she did buy quite a few tickets. As the cliché goes, "A nice time was had by all", and we look forward to next year's show.

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