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Crufts 2005
Photos by Barbara Gold, taken 11th March 2005
A newly streamlined Ellen showing Veteran Dog, Anacan Ziggy.
Special Junior Dog, Lorianna Desert Storm & Lorna Hastings. That's Ellen & Remy in the background.
Cain & Sheleg
Storm again.
Mike Cannon with 1st in Post Grad Dog - Babrees Rumour Has It ('Cain') & Christine Powley-Goldspink with Sheleg Harrishon at Danehaven. ('Sheleg')
Open Dog
Christine & Sheleg
Open Dog Class (That's Ellen & Remy in front.)
Jacob & Dezi
Remy & Jacob
Anacan Call Me Ishmael At Dunline ('Jacob') & Rob McLeod, and Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta ('Dezi') and Pam O'Loughlin awaiting their turn.
Ellen with Anacan Masterpiece ('Remy') and Rob and Jacob.
Dezi, Remy & Jacob
Ziggy, Dezi, Cain
1st Open Dog - Dezi, 2nd - Remy & 3rd - Jacob
Dog Challenge - Ziggy, Dezi & Cain

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