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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

(Sire: Anacan Issachar/Dam: Gam Yafa Gam Hakhama me Yerushalaim Shel Zahav (Imp Isr)
Date of Birth: 16th December 2014
Anacan Bring The Dawn
Dawn, 12th July 2015.

We were very happy when Inna Blayvas (Jerusalem) gave us our 'Gili' as she gave us a new line to breed to our Izzy. The fact that Gili's dam, the lovely 'Terush' (WD.JR.CH.Bat Yerushalaim Shel Zahav), is the most titled Canaan Dog ever was a bonus. So when the time came to breed Izzy and Gili we were very excited and looked forward to seeing what the breeding would produce. Well we got 6 gorgeous puppies - 1 male and 5 females!. As the puppies grew I kept changing my mind about which one to keep as they were all so nice. I finally asked Richard which one he liked and he picked 'Dawn' - the one I had my eye on. She is everything I could want in a puppy - lovely feminine head, with excellent conformation and movement, and she is sweet and loving as well.

Joy, Song & Dawn
L-R: Joy Song & Dawn.
Which one would you have picked?

Anacan Bring The Dawn
Dawn at 3 mos of age.

We are looking forward to having lots of fun with Dawn. She went to her first show, East of England Championship Show, on the 11th July 2015, (as was her brother, Samson, owned by Peter & Maddy Mills) where she was shown in AVNCS Utility (the class for all breeds in that group that do not have breed classes given at the show). She was up against Japanese Akita Inus and Eurasiers and Dawn not only won Best Puppy, but also Reserve Best Bitch! We were thrilled with the results as we took her just to get her used to the show ring. Both Dawn & Samson qualified for Crufts 2016 on the day. The judge, Mr Tim Ball, wrote the following critique about Dawn: "Minto's Anacan Bring The Dawn, 6 mos Canaan Dog. Promising youngster who scored for her correct type & balance. Attractive, well-proportioned head with dark almond shaped eyes & excellent earset. Correct dentition. Neck of good length, level topline, rib developing nicely & good tail carriage. Well laid shoulder, elbows held close to body & nice straight forelegs. Moving true. RBB & BPNSC." Hopefully, this portends for more good things to come.

Dawn has such a kind and loving nature. She loves everyone and wants to be loved by everyone. She is a great dog and I'm happy that Richard chose her for us.

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Last Updated on the 19th August 2015

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