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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

Anacan Kefira
Photos are not in any particular order. New ones will be added as I find more I think you'll like.

Baby Kefira
Baby Kefira, January 2005
Baby Keffy
Baby Keffy
Looking back
Keffy looking back
Keffy 8th Jan 2005
What a pretty baby.
Having a sniff.
Having a sniff.
Kefira, March 2005
Keffy by the pond, March 2005
Keffy, Honey & Lynn
Keffy (front), Honey & Lyndsay
Keffy & Garth
Keffy & Garth, the Tibetan Spaniel
Keffy & Monkey
Keffy & Monkey (drinking from the pond.
Keffy & friends, February 2007
Monkey (sniffing Lyndsay) & Keffy, February 2007
Keffy & Willow, February 2007
Willow, the Tibetan Spaniel, & Keffy, February 2007
Keffy, Bea, Leo
Keffy, Bea, & Tibetan Spaniel, Leo, June 2008.
Keffy, Nov 2008
Sideview of Keffy, November 2008
Keffy & Cindy February 2009
Keffy frolicking and Cindy, the Tibetan Spaniel, looking on, February 2009.
Keffy August 2009
Keffy, 31st August 2009
Keffy age 8 yrs
Keffy, CDC of the UK Show 2013, age 8 yrs

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