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Canaan Dogs of Anacan

Anacan Sheeza Gem
Photos are not in any particular order. New ones will be added as I find more I think you'll like.

Ruby & Gideon
Ruby (background) and brother, Gideon, March 2008
Pretty Ruby Jun '08
Pretty Ruby, June 2008
Ruby Jul 08
Ruby in the shade, July 2008

Ruby and Fancy, July 2008
Ruby Club Show '09
Ruby at the CDC of the UK show 2009
Ruby at Fun Day 2009
Ruby winning Fancy Dress competition at Club Fun Day 2009
Ruby Fun Day
Ruby was Tinkerbell and little Chance was Peter Pan. He came 2nd.
Kefira & Ruby
Keffy & Ruby, September 2009
Ruby Oct '09
Ruby October 2009
Ruby Oct '09
Ruby, Richard & Hayyim October 2009
Ruby Aug '11
Pretty Ruby, 19th August 2011

Last Updated on the 14th March 2012

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